General Assembly & Youth Committee Meeting 2015

General Assembly & Youth Committee Meeting 2015 had concluded with a great success under the courteous hospitality of H.E. Gennadiy Kernes, Mayor of Kharkiv. The topic of General Assembly was: “Role of the International Intermunicipal Partnership in the Activity of Local Authorities: Value, Trends and Best Practices”.

The topic of Youth Committee Meeting: “More Tolerance, Less Racism in Daily Life”.

Also in frames of the General Assembly there was held an International Conference on the topic: “Renewable Energy Sources and Combating Climate Change”.

Please find the decisions taken at the General Assembly as follows:

– The next meeting of the Presidium is to be held in the town of Bursa in 2015.

– The next General Assembly & Youth Meeting is to be held in the town of Klaipeda in 2016.

– Theme and key moments of the General Assembly & Youth Meeting 2016 are to be determined at the Meeting of the Presidium in the town of Bursa.

– The towns of Altötting, Ankara, Bursa, Częstochowa, Darmstadt, Kharkiv, Klaipeda, Mühlheim an der Ruhr were elected to the Presidium of the Association.

– Kharkiv was elected the Chairman and Częstochowa was elected the Vice-Сhairman of the Association for the term of 2015 – 2016.