Katowice (Poland)

Name of the city Katowice
 Country Poland
Mayor Mr. Marcin Krupa
Postal address ul. Młyńska 4,
40-098 Katowice
Contact person Ms. Anna Kolarczyk
Position of a contact person office worker
Telephone of a contact person +48/32/705-4336
E-mail of a contact person anna.kolarczyk@katowice.eu
Central e-mail of the city hall Urzad_Miasta@katowice.eu
Year of the Europe Prize award 2008
Twin and partner cities (please write the country in brackets) Mobile, USA
Cologne, Germany
Odense, Denmark
Groningen, Holland
Saint Etienne, France
County of South Dublin, Ireland
Ostrava and Opava, Czech Republic
Miskolc, Hungary
Shenyang, China
Kosice, Slovakia
Donetsk, Ukraine