Avignon (France)

Name of the city Avignon
 Country France
Mayor Mme Cécile HELLE
Postal address Mairie d’Avignon
Place de l’Horloge
84045 AVIGNON cedex 9
Contact person Mme Mireille LAMBERT
Position of a contact person Secrétaire particulière de Mme le Maire
Telephone of a contact person +33 (0)4 90 80 80 90
E-mail of a contact person mireille.lambert@mairie-avignon.com
Central e-mail of the city hall contact.mairie@mairie-avignon.com
Year of the Europe Prize award 1977
Twin and partner cities (please write the country in brackets) Colchester (England)
Sienne (Italy)
Tarragone (Spain)
Tortosa (Spain)
New-Haven (USA)
Guanajuato (Mexico)
Diourbel (Senegal)