A How To Guide Worm Farming

Some people find themselves thinking about how little effort it would take to make a bit of extra cash when it comes to worm farming. Perhaps the thought of having a personal supply of nutrient rich soil for the garden or flower beds sounds appealing. Whatever your reasons for having a worm farm you will need to learn how to set one up for your particular venture. Worm farming can be rewarding both financially and environmentally so it’s important to understand the benefits and the reasons why you would want to take up worm farming. First and foremost is the fact that worms are able to provide you with an almost unlimited supply of nutrient rich soil. This helps you grow healthier vegetables and plants. Worm farming helps reduce landfill as they are the perfect composters for paper, cardboard and kitchen scraps. Some worm farms are established for the purpose of providing live bait to fishermen, exotic pet owners and even aquarium fish owners.


Now that you know why you want a worm farm you can start the planning and setting up. Worm bins are readily available for purchase on the Internet. Worm farm bins are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Some large scale worm farms will often have these setups available at reasonable prices. If you like to do it yourself you could even try making your own out of common household items. Plastic tubs, large wooden boxes, a large plastic garbage bin are all perfect items you can modify for your worm farm. Multiple layers are required to provide a space for the liquid run off at the bottom. Liquid can be drained via a tap or hole at the bottom. Worms live and move around in the top layer of soil. The material to be composted is simply laid on top where the worms can get at it.

Appropriate bedding will need to be provided for the worms to ensure a healthy life style. Peat moss or coconut fiber with a small amount of composting material is some of the worms favorites. It is important to keep the bedding moist for the worms. Prepackaged worms usually come complete with bedding material and instructions on how to keep your worms healthy and well fed. Location of the bin is important as well. Worms are unable to tolerate extremes in temperature. A location where temperature can be controlled between 72 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit, or choosing a fully insulated system, will help keep the worms healthy and happy. Your bin may dry out too quickly or stay too moist if you locate it in the wrong position. Once you have everything in place all you need now is a few worms to get it all started There are quite a few breeds of worms and some are more suitable for worm farming than others. Red wigglers are a favorite amongst worm farmers. For bait you might want to breed European Night Crawlers.

When you receive your worms you will want to check the instructions on how to acclimatize your worms. An important step is to be sure the bedding and unit are fully prepared before the worms arrive for placement within the farm. Feeding the worms is the fun part. The variety of items you can use as worm food is mind boggling. Egg shells, paper products, cardboard as long as it is pre-soaked, cotton rags and even human hair are all fair game as far as worms are concerned. You can speed the composting process up by cutting everything down into smaller sizes. Slice your fruits into strips so your worms can get at them easier. If you cherished this report and you would like to obtain much more information regarding Farm business saga kindly check out our own web-page. Place all of your worm food in layers on the top layer of soil. The best way to avoid overfeeding is to only add more when nearly all of the previous food has been completely consumed.

Provide a layer of items to be consumed on the top layer of the soil. If you only add food once most the previous food has been consumed you will avoid the problem overfeeding. You will find worm castings in the bottom layer of soil. Worm castings are one of nature’s most powerful fertilizers and you can add it straight to the garden. If your plants like being fed directly to the roots a liquid fertilizer can be made by simply adding water. Worm farming is relatively low maintenance. Worms who aren’t happy with their home will simply crawl away in search of greener pastures. Your worms will be happy to shack up with you if you keep up a fresh supply of food, good moisture levels and a constant temperature.

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